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I am frustrated with having to use my personal cell phone in the office to complete multi-factor authentication to access software and data to do my work. My employer does not issue cell phones to people at my classification. One of my reports had difficulty using the keys/fobs for MFA and gave up and used their personal cell phone now. There is a form for reimbursement for using personal equipment for work purposes. However, the reimbursement should be automatic if a department requires MFA to keep employer comouting resources safe and the MFA requires a personal device.

Bargaining Update (Thanksgiving Weekend)

The negotiators meet on Tuesday November 28th to continue planning.

The first meeting with the state negotiators will be December 7th, where we will mainly schedule upcoming bargaining sessions.

Early survey results show that a surprising number of staff are frustrated with position classification!

Why are you frustrated with position classification?

  • Takes too long to get class studies completed

  • Classification has nothing to do with market wages

  • Job class doesn't match workload

  • No job class exists for my duties

Keep your contract handy!

SU Contract 2021 to 2024
Download PDF • 924KB

Hello, all! Did you miss the bargaining survey email from Jeff Kasper? The email was sent to our SOA email addresses. Look in your junk folder, check your quarantined messages, or email me for a forward!


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