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Here is an email I sent to my legislators about the Wednesday rally. It is my understanding that due to the nature of the legislature having to approve our contract they would likely not be able to attend so I intend it more as an informational type email. Feel free to use it as a template if you would like to do the same with your legislators.

Good Evening Senator Gray-Jackson and Representative Galvin,

My name is Ryan Quigley and I am a member of the Supervisory Unit Local 4900 representing approximately 2500 bargaining unit members in State service as Supervisors.  I am writing today as a resident of your district to make you aware of a rally occurring Wednesday at the Atwood building in Anchorage.

What: SU Local 4900 rally

When: Wednesday May 1st, 2024 International Worker's Day

Where: Atwood Building Courtyard Anchorage

This is a Member organized and Union supported event to bring attention to the contract negotiations occurring between our Union and State administration negotiators.  We, along with other Unions, have fallen 20% behind inflation since 2011.  The effects of this shortfall are evident through high vacancy rates and difficulties attracting and retaining qualified employees. This has left some Departments unable to deliver critical services to our communities or created an environment where we struggle more and more to deliver even basic services.  

While the State's current proposal aligns with future projected inflation rates, it fails to address the substantial existing wage gap or make up for years of diminished wages.  Prior years increases include 5 consecutive years of zero COLA's which when combined with record high inflation has resulted in very high vacancy rates in State Departments during a time of record low unemployment nationwide.  Sadly, I have watched a number of highly qualified staff members leave recently for employers who recognize and reward their valuable skills and have considered doing the same despite being a Tier-3, 20+ year public employee and union member. I am proud to serve the State and it is my hope that it will be realistic for me to continue to do so.

Your direct or indirect support would be greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions about the event please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you for your support!

In Solidarity,

Ryan Quigley

Anchorage Alaska



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