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Collective Bargaining Discussions

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Jesse Slone
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I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of constructive dialogue within our community. It's crucial that our discussions remain respectful and focused on finding solutions that benefit all members. If you are angry or frustrated, be angry or frustrated; I am often. However, personal attacks and unproductive criticism undermine our collective efforts and do not reflect the values of our union.

I encourage everyone to express their views and share feedback, but please ensure your contributions enhance understanding and improve outcomes for all. Let's maintain a professional tone and focus on our common goals.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued commitment to our union's principles. The negotiating team is made up of six volunteers who have done their best to get as good of a deal as they collectively could for the members. All members in good standing get to vote, and I want you to, whether you agree with me or the team or not. What we do after that vote will be the will of the membership.

If you are angry, frustrated, and upset, by all means, express that frustration.

Please remember though, that while we are 'working' hard for you, we don't work for you, we volunteer for you. We don't serve you; we serve alongside you. We are not paid for this work. Demanding or ordering your union brothers and sisters around is not in keeping with our values as a union, and messages like that will be promptly removed when they are found by moderators.

The same holds true for all of us employee reps and officers. We are doing our best, but we work full-time jobs for the state in understaffed and under-resourced offices just like everyone else. We are here to serve alongside you, but it can be hard to keep up.

I will likely be away from the app this weekend, as I have state work to catch up on and need to spend time with my family. Please remember that you can reach out to any negotiator with questions, and if it's urgent, email me. A few things have been brought up over the past two days that I am going to work on with the board as well. Thanks, and have a good weekend!

Tyler Watson


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