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Negotiations Update 3

Negotiations January 17th and 18th, 2024.

Over the past two days, SU Negotiators continued relevant discussions with the State. We reviewed the status of SU’s bargaining requests for information. These requests are necessary to fully understand specifics related to a variety of issues ranging from leave, recruitment data, notice of pay problems, health care costs, and personal service funds. Getting this information aids in formulating our proposals and creates a better understanding for all parties moving forward. The State appears to be making good faith efforts to deliver information in a timely manner and your negotiating team looks forward to being able to build better proposals once this information arrives.

SU proposed book (no change) on 7 articles, which included employee recognition; employer/union responsibilities; protection of rights; conditions; security of the parties; positions, classifications and reclassing; and educational advancement and training. Tentative agreements were reached on Articles 11 and 19. Over the two days, the parties proposed three other articles (4, 26, and 28)with changes that will require further discussion and research.

We continue to have productive conversations about areas of agreement between SU and the State of Alaska. The two sides are just beginning to discuss some of the challenges ahead of us all, but your SU negotiators are still gathering data and waiting for full information from the State that can guide our proposals. At this point, the negotiations are professional, and we are making good progress. The teams will meet in person on the 31st of January and again on the 1st of February. We will keep everyone updated after each negotiation session.

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