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Thank you to the SU Negotiating team.

But I would absolutely not vote to ratify the following supposal.


SU presented two wage supposals. The most recent of those is:

  • Year 1:

  • All employees receive a one step* increase in pay.

  • 5% COLA

  • Year 2:

  • All employees receive a one step* increase in pay.

  • 4.5% COLA

  • Year 3:

  • True CPI for calendar year 2024

  • Combined, Years 1 and 2 represent approximately a 16.1% increase to the average member, not factoring in merit increases or pay increments.

*We estimate the value of a step to be 3.3% on average as steps are of different sizes to those in Steps A-F.


Step Increases for existing staff does not remedy the crux of the core complications, which is the base pay disparity between the SU Salary Schedule and its direct reports.

Additionally, when we are ~15% behind right now before any increases, an actual 9.5% across the next 1.5 years is simply insufficient.

Again, I would not vote to ratify this supposal.

I would encourage the negotiating team to move forward with a proper wage proposal that is more in line with the memberships voices.

In solidarity.



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