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A few comments from the peanut gallery:

Giving all existing SU employees a step increase and then removing a step is instant gratification while hurting new members down the road (only 5 steps until a member hits longevity versus 7 for GG). That is very short sighted (and greedy if we accept that)...

Tying anything to CPI is an accident waiting to happen, and I'm glad that that was removed from the discussion. It fluctuates too wildly, and the state only looks at the national, not the regional (because it is more advantageous for them on that front).

While we are focused on our contract, know that GG negotiates their contract next year. This is our opportunity to lead by catching up to what should have been done in contracts past, while also setting GG up for success in their negotiations next year (and thus our subordinates!).

There are two job class studies currently on the table. Classifications is being VERY tight lipped on the outcome of the IT job class study that is about to go into effect, which also just got delayed (coincidence that the date slipped AGAIN?). We aren't supposed to hear about the statewide study until late fall at the earliest.

The substantial number of LOAs that are out there to increase wages beyond the salary schedules is staggering, and only rewards those that work for departments that are willing and able to support the operational budget impact of them, most likely through vacancy rates or moving budget numbers around, and can convince the state to send the LOA forward to the union. Yes, they are temporary, but many get renewed for SEVERAL YEARS.

I appreciate the efforts by the negotiating team, but we missed the ball with what the membership is wanting. The state will always try to get by with as little as possible, that's their job. It's our job as a union to get the most possible for the membership. SU took it in the backside for the last two contracts. It's time to get all that back in addition to what's fair for the next 3 years.

In solidarity...

Jonathan Tymick


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