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Tentative Agreement Update

Your negotiation team hopes this message finds you well as we wrap up the negotiations with the state for this contract cycle. We want to express our sincere gratitude to each of you who has been actively engaged in the process. Your feedback and dedication have played a critical role in shaping this tentative agreement for Local 4900.

After extensive negotiations, special rules being implemented in the legislature to ensure that our contract is funded, and many late nights and weekends, we have reached a close to what is one of our most favorable agreements ever. We've managed to secure a package that includes salary increases and improved benefits for all supervisors while continuing to protect your rights at work. It's no secret that the past few months were marked by challenging discussions, but your collective strength has carried us through this journey.

While we understand there may be concerns about the agreement's specifics, we want to assure you that the team carefully evaluated all options and strived for an outcome that reflects both our members' needs and the reality of the current political landscape. We will go over the tentative agreement in detail as soon as all of the administrative work of creating a version of that shows changes from the prior contract is complete (likely in June), and we will then have the ratification vote. The tentative agreement provides about a 14% increase over three years, which is the best improvement we have seen in recent history.

To break it down, starting July 1, 2024:

All ranges and steps on the pay tables will get a 5% increase.

All Supervisors will receive a step increase (approximately 3.25% or 3.75% depending on your current step).

  • Your Merit Anniversary Date or Pay Increment Date will not change, i.e. you will be eligible for your next step increase as scheduled.

  • The first column of the pay table will be removed, and the columns will be re-lettered.  ( The current B column will now be A, O will now be N, etc. and one year of merit steps will be removed)

Starting July 1, 2025, you will receive a 3% increase in pay

Starting July 1, 2026, you will receive a minimum 2.5% increase in pay

If you are on a Flex Time Agreement, starting July 1 you will accrue Flex Time from 40 hours (when you reach the 45 hour minimum), so you no longer donate 2 hours by having your flex time start counting at 42.

We recognize that opinions may differ about what we've achieved, but regardless of your personal assessment, we hope you can acknowledge that the negotiating team has secured an outcome that is stronger than any in recent history and is headed in the right direction for future agreements with the state for our union. These negotiations laid groundwork that we can build upon as we continue working with the State towards even better outcomes in the future. Our collective efforts will make sure that our voices are heard, and that we keep pushing for positive change!

Thank you once again for your support, understanding, and unwavering commitment to this union's cause. The path ahead may not always be easy, but with each other by our side, we are confident that we can achieve great things. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the agreement, but understand that we may need to collect those questions and send out an update to clarify common questions and may have a difficult time responding to everyone individually.

Michael Schwahn
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