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Are You Tired of Being Frustrated and Ready to Change Things?

As we face ongoing tough negotiations, widespread misconceptions about our work, and an employer bent on crippling us, the need for a coherent, strategic response has never been greater.

We are calling on strategists, communicators, organizers, and analysts who are ready to dedicate themselves to this cause. This is not just another committee; this is a mission for those who are prepared to stand up and fight for the dignity of our work. If you're interested, please email me at my SU email address, I'd like to meet in person with anyone in the Anchorage area while I'm there Tuesday or Wednesday.

What’s the Plan: We are assembling a team to tackle deep-seated issues that affect how public servants are viewed and treated in Alaska. We're fighting against decades of negative stereotypes, funded by those who profit from our division and demoralization. Our task is to reframe the narrative, ensuring our community and policymakers see our true value. It will take time, but we will have help.

Commitment Required:

  • Monthly virtual meetings to keep our strategies sharp and responsive.

  • In-person meetings to deepen our connections and refine our approach.

  • Consistent follow-through on agreed actions and strategies.

Opportunity to Lead Change: This is your chance to directly influence how we are perceived and treated. Training will be provided, and your efforts will be at the heart of our push for change.

I know times are tough, but I also know the strength and dedication of this union from my short time interacting with supervisors across the state. Your participation is crucial. If you’re ready to help lead this charge, please reach out! Let’s show what it truly means to serve Alaska.

Marta Mueller


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