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I've been reading everyone's comments and thinking about the situation we are in and the one thing that I have as a takeaway is this: regardless of how things turn out for this current bargaining cycle - whether we ratify or not, go to mediation or not - we need to take the involvement and momentum that is being generated right now and apply it to the NEXT contract. I mean, are some people going to say hell no and walk? Yeah, probably. I can't afford to be one of those people so I'm here for a while. We need to start the public information campaign now for next time and get ALL SU members involved.

I'm proud of our negotiators and I'm pissed off at the state. Years of subpar contracts have led us to where we are now but I think they were able to get things to this point because there isn't enough public support for us... as a couple people pointed out when we were discussing a rally -- the public already thinks we are overpaid and lazy. That's our fault for not controlling the narrative. Yes, we have a handful of highly paid members but there are many more who make less than coffee baristas. And I can guarantee, our membership is not lazy! Our members pick up the slack when GGU quits, they put in hours of uncompensated time, and they bear the stress of fulfilling agency missions like no one else. THAT is the message we need to be conveying, and the public won't know unless we tell them, so we need to do that. Maybe we need a publicist! We need to control what is being said about us as a union and we need to show the power and strength of our numbers. Why do other unions get more? Because they stand together, they get out in the public and make their stances known, and they're consistent.

We have every right to do the same, and it's exactly what we need to do.



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