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Why I'm Voting NO

This contract does nothing but maintain the status quo. We haven’t been paid fairly for a very long time, and this agreement does nothing to address that. I don’t even need to explain it further— Members are informed, the poll(s) speaks for itself, as did the rally.


Voting "No" should be an easy decision. My only concern if we reject this TA, is that the union will continue to pressure us into acceptance rather than mediate, arbitrate, or, if necessary, strike. They seem intent on steering us toward the easier, less problematic outcome.


Last fall, members pleaded with union leadership to educate us for this exact moment. Instead, we were told that preparing for an unacceptable outcome would be considered bad-faith negotiating. The more I think about it, the more I'm beginning to believe our own union may be the one acting in bad faith.

Consider the following:


Strike Fund: I was told directly by union leadership that a large amount of money has been set aside to "bankroll" our leave for a long period of time, should a strike be necessary. Now is the time to put it to use.

Conflict of Interest: I’m told members of our negotiation team have Letters of Agreement. These should have been disclosed to members before voting and would have been seen as a conflict of interest.

Strike Vote Hesitation: I’ve heard from credible sources that union leaders are "afraid to strike" and "will never call a strike vote." We need leaders who are more open minded and are willing to do what needs to be done.

Lack of Communication: Outreach isn’t working. Sugar coating emails isn't appropriate. Meeting minutes aren’t being posted in accordance with the bylaws.

• Members in Juneau told me they haven’t had a quarterly meeting since September.

• Members in Fairbanks can’t remember when their last quarterly meeting took place.

Our own website confirms all of this. (Jan 11th meeting minutes are incorrect btw and from a previous year)

Already Moving On: Before the State even made its final offer, union leaders were already posting on this forum and speaking to members directly, that they are now focusing on the next contract. This feels like giving up when we should be fighting our hardest.


Vote No. Let’s see this through.



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