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Collective Bargaining Discussions

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Jesse Slone
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Negotiations Sessions 10 and 11

We recently concluded another round of bargaining sessions with the state on March 20th and 21st.


Key Developments from the Sessions:

Productive Discussions: Over these two days, we made significant strides towards finalizing a new contract, reaching tentative agreements on eleven articles. A "tentative agreement" on an article during collective bargaining refers to a preliminary consensus reached by the negotiating parties on specific terms or conditions outlined in that article of a proposed contract.  For a table of proposals and agreements, please refer to the attached spreadsheet titled "Proposals and TAs March 20-21.xlsx".


Wages and Health Benefits: The state has proposed adjustments to wages tied to the Anchorage Consumer Price Index (CPI), similar to the agreement reached with the General Government Unit (GGU) in their final contract year. This proposal includes a 5% increase in July 2024, a 1.25% increase in July 2025, and a future increase in July 2026 to be determined. It was very clear that this is intended as an opening offer, and the State is looking to have further conversations on COLA as well as the other wage-related proposals that SU made.  The issue of supervisors being paid less than their subordinates has been a focus. We are exploring solutions to this problem and will continue to prioritize it in our discussions.


Understanding 'Book' in Our Discussions:

In the attached spreadsheet, you'll find references to articles marked as "book." This term means that the wording in those articles remains unchanged from our existing agreement. Essentially, we've agreed that these provisions continue to work well and do not require adjustments at this time.


Highlights from the Agreements:

Clarification on Procedures: We've reached an agreement on making the process for removing warnings or reprimands from personnel files clearer and more straightforward. We've also introduced a new process for filing pay-related grievances.

Strengthening Our Workplace: The agreements include protections for current timelines and procedures that benefit you and strengthen the role of labor-management committees in resolving workplace issues.

Next Steps:

Our next sessions are scheduled for April 4th and April 9th. We are optimistic about the progress and are dedicated to negotiating the best possible terms for our members.

Your Participation Is Important:

Questions? Use the 'SU Alaska' App to post any questions you might have.

Suggestions? Please reach out to your regional negotiators with any suggestions or requests.

We appreciate your support and engagement as we work through these negotiations. Together, we can achieve a contract that reflects our shared values and goals.



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