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Accepting the States offer is extremely short sighted and here's why. The step increase that they're offering only benefits current SOA employees, and will do nothing to help us with recruitment (or retention) of new staff in the future. For example, if you hire someone after July 1, the first year step increase does nothing to help them, and the second year step increase can't compete with the base salary of other jobs outside the State (because honestly, who is going to do a deep dive into union contracts before accepting a job - you're just going to look at dollars). Additionally, this doesn't help anyone, at all, after two years, so future negotiations on the contract would have to try and make up the base salary difference again. Here's an example: if it's 5% base +3.5% step (8.5% total year one) future negotiations will only include the 5% because the step increase will have sunset at that point and the base salary will only include the 5% increase. At that point, you'll get the same song and dance of "we can't because that's the largest pay increase ever". My suggestion would be that you shouldn't mess around with benefits that put future negotiation teams behind the ball because 'perks' from the prior contract (this contract) have sunset. Put the pay in base salary to help recruitment and future negotiations teams. Finally, the pay increase they're offering is still pathetic. People are going to leave the state in droves for better paying jobs and when that happens, I hope someone reminds the State that they did this to themselves. You have my support to take this to arbitration if they continue on this path. If the final contract doesn't pay staff fairly, you can be assured that people will leave.



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