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Negotiations Update Session 9

We had a remote negotiations session yesterday, March 12th.

During the bargaining session, all parties involved continued to bargain professionally and in good faith, making progress toward a contract. The State presented three package proposals, which included book language on 13, 20, 31, and 36. We had proposed book language, and the State was accepting it. Additionally, the State was willing to agree to response timelines that we requested in Article 8, speeding up the responses when we request a labor-management committee. They also proposed book language for article 30.


Regarding Articles 10 and 21, the State countered our proposal to reinstitute penalty pay for NOPPs but accepted our proposal to expand the language so that all grievances will be arbitrable. They also proposed reducing the grievance timelines. SU Negotiators countered many of the proposed changes, illustrating how it is in the State's best interests to meet many of our prior requests. We also asked if the State was prepared to discuss the SU wage proposal, but they were not.


After a caucus, the State discussed our request to add Juneteenth to the holidays in Article 26. The State countered that the legislature should set the holidays, but SU countered that the State should recognize the holiday as it is already a federal holiday. SU made the case that someone has to be the first.


The State proposed Articles 2, 5, and 9 as book, previously proposed as book by SU. In return, we proposed counters to articles 1, 8, and 30 as a package. We scaled back some of the requests in article 30, but continued to request putting the steps of progressive discipline into the article, as well as working with the State to create language for automatic removal of derogatory documents from a personnel file if conditions are met. We also proposed Articles 10 and 21 as a package, rejecting the State's attempt to reduce the timeline on grievances but accepting the State's request to remove paper filing requirements.


After another caucus, the State verbally proposed a counter package of article 1, 8, 10, 21, and 30. We requested the counter in writing. Overall, the session went well, and progress was made in gaining some ground on how SU works with the State on discipline.


The next bargaining sessions will be held March 20-21, April 4, and April 9.



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