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Update: study is in progress, an older RFP was cancelled and a updated RFP was awarded.

It may have been common knowledge, but I just heard that the RFP that was put out by the State for a statewide salary study last fall was cancelled before it could be awarded. It made big news and was intended to have results by the end of the fiscal year. It seems most thought it was still in progress. I never saw any reports it was cancelled. Not surprising given they probably know it wouldn't be in their favor.


Supervisory differential should apply when supervisors supervise staff who make more tham, regardless of range. Just my two cents.


Why aren't all SU members showing "badges" on this app? I'm sure I am in good standing, and I think there are others in the same situation.

If we can't hire and retain the best SU employees it has real economic consequences, almost a billion dollars on the line! I'm sure that DOT staff are as understaffed as the everyone:

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Jesse Slone
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Trauma Counseling Benefit

There is a new trauma counseling benefit for full members, read more on the AFT site.

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DO NOT POST SENSITIVE INFORMATION. While this is intended f...


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