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Jesse Slone
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Don't wait until it's too late!!☹️

Just a heads up, if things seem wrong in your work, check the contract, reach out to an employee rep or your chapter leadership, call your local APEA office, please do ANYTHING other than leave it until you are leaving state service or changing unions! The Union is about all of us helping each other, so please let others help!

In the short time that I've been president, I've become aware of far too many issues where the member just waited, and ultimately when they were fed up and contacted us, it was too late!

So, for a short non-exhaustive list:

  • Pay issues (including travel pay and leave balance/cashout issues)

  • Working outside of your Position Description/Class Specification

  • Bullying behavior within the workplace

  • Discriminatory or other illegal behavior in the workplace

  • Unfulfilled promises that you have in writing from management

Now don't get me wrong, not everything is a violation of the contract, there are a lot of ways for people to treat you poorly that don't cross a line. That may be the case for you, and that will be disappointing, perhaps infuriating. But you should at least know where that line is, so that you can act as soon as it is crossed.

Keep in mind that if you change jobs before you try to handle it, you may not be convered by the SU contract, and therefore we may not be able to do anything, and that's frustrating for everyone involved.