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We in the Supervisory Unit 4900, are proud to be involved in efforts to improve the lives of workers and their families.

From our early days, we have been a leading organization in the struggle for economic and social justice.

By fighting for legislative improvements and bargaining for fairer labor agreements, we continuously strive to

raise work standards and improve quality of life.

Putting Experience
to Work

The State of Alaska enacted the Public Employees Relations Act in 1972 and the Supervisors were some of the first employees to petition for representation.  They have been represented by APEA/AFT since that time.

The Supervisory Unit (SU) makes up three chapters within APEA/AFT;  Southcentral, Southeast and Northern Chapters  is comprised of approximately 2,400 members.

Each Chapter has it's own leadership, bylaws,   

and one supervisor from each of APEA/AFT's

Regions sit on the APEA-AFT Board of Directors.The Bargaining Committee is comprised of a Negotiator and Alternate from each region.

Members may serve in various capacities from employee representative to local chapter officer to executive board member. Positions often come open. Check with an employee representative for current opportunities to serve your local chapter.


Common Acronym                   




E Board             







                                                       Supervisory Unit

                                   Alaska Public Employees Association

                                       American Federation of Teachers

                                      State Supervisory Executive Board

                                               Northern Supervisory Unit

                                       Anchorage Council of Education

                             Employees Political Information Committee

                                             Frequently asked questions

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