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Collective Bargaining for Supervisory Unit SU Members

This sheet is designed to answer common question No. 6

SU members are asking about collective bargaining. 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Employee Representative by clicking the link below.

Who is part of our bargaining team

and how are they selected?

The SU bargaining team is comprised of members elected regionally by SU membership and professional staff from Alaska Public Employee Association-AFT (APEA_AFT), our state affiliate, with years of negotiation experience. There are 6 SU members elected for the bargaining team, three who are leads and three alternates from each region. Elections were held in the fall of 2020 for this bargaining team. 


APEA-AFT staff include Business Manager Brian Penner; Southeast Regional Manager Jeff Kasper is a former SU Negotiator; and Southeast Field Representative Stephen Courtright, who is new to APEA, is a former state employee union leader. Together they bring years of experience, education, knowledge of state policies and procedures, and training in the art and science of negotiations.

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