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Behind the Scenes


Negotiating Team

Southcentral Region    

     James “Jimmie” Wallace - Primary

     Joel St. Aubin - Alternate

Southeast Region

    Larry Owen - Primary
    Jesse Slone- Alternate

Northern Region 

    Jess Carson - Primary
    Andrea Quintyne - Alternate

Health Benefits Evaluation

Committee (HBEC)

SU Southcentral: Mike Miller 

SU Southcentral: Mike Williams

SU Southeast:     Christina Strahm

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Northern Chapter




Chapter Chairperson -  Andrea Quintyne
Chapter Vice Chair -      Vacant
Chapter Sec/Treas -      Vacant



Employee Representatives

Jon Markkanen      FCS/OCS    Fairbanks  

Andrea Quintyne    Labor/LLS   Fairbanks

Christine Gleason  DFG/COF    Fairbanks

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Southcentral Chapter




Chapter Chairperson - Mike Miller

Chapter Vice Chair -    Marta Mueller

Chapter Sec/Treas -    Vacant

Employee Representatives

Bonnie Allen            Trans/PF Airport  Anch

Jason Brown           DOC/SCCC            Anch

Cris Sanders            DOC/DPP              Anch

Jeff Warner              EC/DEH                 Anch

Kandi Stewart          DOH/HCS              Anch

Kara Kusche            DEC/SPAR             Anch

Mike Miller               DOR/CSED            Anch

Mike Williams          DOR                        Anch

Rena Bukovich-Notti DPS                      Anch

Heather Heusser    DNR                         Anch

Janelle Mullen        DOH                         Anch

James Milburn        DOC/Institutions Kenai

Jason Foster           HSS/KPYF            Kenai

Benjamin Shryock  DNR/Parks           Kodiak

Kelly McDonald      DOC/DPP             Palmer

Norman McDonald DNR/Forestry     Palmer

Dave Paperman       LWD/AVTEC       Seward

Dan Traxinger        DOC/Institutions  Wasilla



Southeast Chapter




Chapter Chairperson -  Christina Strahm

Chapter Vice Chair -      Vicki O'Brien

Chapter Sec/Treas -      Jesse Slone

Employee Representatives

Karen Lechner          DOA/OIT           Juneau

     Lead Employee Representative

Liam Carnahan         DOT/ROW UT  Juneau

Vicki O'Brien             DOH/DPA       Ketchikan

Christina Strahm     DOR/PFD           Juneau

APEA/AFT has three regional offices 

Southcentral Regional Union Office

Located at 3310 Arctic Blvd, Suite 200, Anchorage AK 99503

The Anchorage Office currently houses the APEA/AFT Business Manager, Southcentral Field Representatives, a Local and a National Organizer and Administrative Assistant. In addition, the office provides office space and administrative support to Totem Associates ESP

(907) 274-1688
(fax) (907) 277-4588
1-800-478-9992 (inside Alaska only)


Position                                                  Name

Regional Manager                                Anne Knight

Field Representative                            Barbara Strong

Field Associate                                     Donnie Lane


Organization & Field Services -

   AFT National                                     

Administrative Assist.                         Lori Rogers

EPIC Chair                                             Sandy Thompson-Wallace


Southeast Regional Uni
on Office / Headquarters

Located in Suite 306 of the Assembly Apartment Building, diagonally across from the State Capitol Building at 211 4th Avenue, Suite 306, Juneau AK 99801. The Juneau Office currently houses the Finance Officer, the Legal Trust Accountant, Membership Technician, Southeast Regional Manager, Southeast Field Representatives and an Administrative Assistant.

Position                                                  Name

Business Manager                               Jeff Kasper

Field Representative                            Stephen Courtright

Field Representative                            Angel Collins

Financial Officer                                   Chip Verrelli

Legal Trust                                            Carol Gray

Accounting Tech/Membership          Kristine Verrelli

Membership                                         Glendia Malaby

Administrative Assistant                    Patrice DeAsis

State Affiliate Political Organizer

      (SAPO)                                             Miguel Rohrbacher

(907) 586-2334
(fax) (907) 463-4980
1-800-478-9991 (inside Alaska only)

Northern Regional Union Office

Located at 825 College Road, Fairbanks AK 99701. The Fairbanks Office currently houses the Northern Regional Manager, Northern Field Representative and the Administrative Assistant.

(907) 450-3701
(fax) (907) 456-7478
1-800-478-9993 (inside Alaska only)

Position                                              Name

Regional Manager                            Michael Koskie

Field Representative                        Jason Roach

Administrative Assist.                     Adrian Agee


Click here to contact RPEA-Retired Public Employees Association

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Executive Board Members

SU President :                                              Jesse Slone

SU Secretary / Treasurer:                          Michael Williams

SU Southeast Chapter Chairperson:       Christina Strahm

SU Southeast Chapter Vice Chair:           Vicki O'Brien
SU Southcentral Chapter Chairperson:   Mike Miller

SU Southcentral Chapter Vice Chair:      Marta Mueller  

SU Northern Chapter Chairperson:         Andrea Quintyne

SU Northern Chapter Vice Chair:             Vacant

Personnel Management

Mike Williams  



Sara Alden

Vicki O'Brien

Grievance Committee


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