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Expires:  June 30, 2024

Summary of changes to the 
newly negotiated CBA

Please submit within 10 days of hire.


Many SU members have asked when the new contract will be published to the SU, APEA, and State of Alaska websites.


The new contract was ratified by membership not long before it came into effect on July 1, which meant that some of the standard cleanup and preparation that occur prior to publication ran into the new fiscal year. SU Negotiators and the State’s Labor Relations Manager have finished going through the contract and preparing it for distribution. Signatures are presently being gathered and the new collective bargaining agreement should be on APEA, SU, and State websites soon.


In the meanwhile, any SU members who need access to changed language should contact Southeast Field Representative Stephen Courtright at

Supervisory Unit follows the 

Robert's Rule of Order

Supervisory Unit practices The Robert's Rule of Order, book on parliamentary procedure for parlimentarians and novice club presidents alike, is this country's recognized guide to a smooth, orderly and fairly conducted meetings.

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