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Labor Day, Payroll, and Negotiations Update

29 August 2023

An additional video with further discussion on payroll and wages.

And as requested, a text outline for those that prefer, as well as links and the Labor Day flyers:

  • Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response to the previous video

    • Please keep telling me how to make the videos more useful to you

  • Labor Day is next Monday

    • Labor Day is your holiday!  It became an official federal holiday in 1894 to recognize you as organized workers

    • There is a parade in Fairbanks as well as a cookout after

    • In Juneau there is a cookout at Sandy Beach

    • I encourage you to go out and enjoy the solidarity and camaraderie, and some good food

    • I will be in Fairbanks for the Labor day parade

  • We will be doing a few site visits in Fairbanks to answer questions and discuss issues on Tuesday.  You can reach out to me or Andrea Quintyne, the northern region chair, for more info.

  •'ve probably heard about this article: Alaska state payroll department ‘one crisis away’ from workers going unpaid - KINY (

  • Payroll personnel are in CEA, one of our sister unions under APEA

    • It's concerning to me that it's being allowed to crumble, like DPA, and then management contracts out

    • In conversation, staff find it causes more harm than good due to errors caused by outside contractors needing to be fixed by experienced personnel

    • Turnover, errors, and Alaska dollars leaving for no good reason concern me

    • I will likely have more on this in a future update

  • Where we stand on negotiations prep

    • Negotiators last Thursday for introductions and to discuss logistics for training this month

    • Training will be near the end of September, and I'll give an update on the training after it happens

    • We are having some preliminary meetings with groups that are having particular issues

  • We also had the Q&A session with those interested in the committees, and I want to thank all of those that came to the meeting and I look forward to seeing these two committees come together.

  • Have a great week, and I'll have another update for you in the next couple weeks, reach out to me or your chapter leadership any time!

Let's Get Started! 

18 August 2023

As discussed in this video, if you want to find out more about the committees, email to get an invite to a Q&A session about the committees.  Let us know what you are interested in doing, we want to make sure this is fulfilling for you!  Thanks and have a great day!

Also, here is a brief outline of the video for those that prefer:

  • Thank you for voting in the recent elections, I am honored to be able to serve you as president and alternate negotiator for the Southeast Region

  • Please reach out to employee reps, chapter leadership, or me at any time

  • Over 20 children of members will receive a scholarship from SU this fall!

  • Negotiations are first and foremost on everyone's minds

    • Strength in negotiations comes from you the membership, you are the anchor the state has to fight

    • To help build strength and solidarity, as promised, I’m looking for volunteers who want to help via the following committees

      • 1) Communications and Community building, we have a lot of options but we need to keep up with the times

        • Maybe you're great with moderation, setting up communities, fostering engagement

      • 2) Showing we are united and strong, and get the right message across, marketing and branding materials.

        • Maybe you love graphic design, writing copy, campaign design and implementation, or how you would have made this video better

    • If it's not you, but someone comes to mind, maybe check and see if they watched this and encourage them to consider it

    • Email

  • Thanks for your time, in the next video I'll talk a little about what the preparation for negotiations looks like right now

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